M-21 with D-21 supersonic drone papercraft

Like an airplane???You can download the paper model from: here

Zombie Chris Papercraft

This is the first Zombie Chris papercraft, papercraft is textured in 3ds max, want to have it? continued here

Zombie Papercraft "Paperzombie 4"

Zombies often appear in horror films, television shows, video games, and role playing (RPG). Zombies are usually portrayed as corpses rot with low intelligence and stagger, but got a taste of human meat. In some cases, more zombies after the human brain to eat.

zombies are scary figure, but is different if the zombies in the form of papercraft, it is suitable for the collection, to download continued here [jerom-db]

Call of Duty AK47 Papercraft

AK47 model is also ripped from the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare, it is available in four different textures.

Little explanation about the AK47. AK-47 assault rifle was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, produced by Russian arms makers IZhMASh, and is used by many Eastern bloc countries during the Cold War. This rifle was adopted and used as the standard rifle of the Soviet Union in 1947.
to download, continued here


Angry Birds Papercraft

Angry Birds is a video game that was originally on the application iPad / iPhone, but has now been released in various media, for you who like to play this game, it would not hurt you collect Angry Birds in the form of papercraft,

Little Plastic Man is proud to give you Angry Birds in papercraft! you can download here


The Incredible Hulk Papercraft

The Incredible Hulk, is a fictional superhero in the Marvel Comics exist. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

You can download the Increduble hulk in the form of papercraft,continue here


Captain America Papercraft

Captain America is a fictional character created by The Joe Simon, Jack Kirbycheap, cheap published by Marvel Comics. Captain America is a weak young manwho upgraded to the peak of human perfection by an experimental serum in orderto assist the U.S. war effort. She wore a costume worn American flag motif, andarmed with shields, which can be thrown as a weapon.

If you want to have the captain america in the form of papercraft, continue here